DE-LIGHT offers technical leadership in blockchain technologies, and it aims to support and scale the decentralized ecosystem by providing world-class protocols with rapidly deployable solutions.



We are backing Terra, ICON, Orbs and Orbit Chain as a validator.

Technical support

Providing technical service to operate blockchain nodes.


Proven engineers in blockchain development, scaling, and node operations.

Yeon Hwang LinkedIn

Software Engineer / Co-founder

Yeon is a senior engineer and co-founder of DE-LIGHT. He brings over ten years in system programming and virtual machine. Prior to co-founding DE-LIGHT, he was a senior engineer at Chain Partners, a leading blockchain company builder in South Korea. He led the research, design, and development of POLARIS, a new decentralized application platform under development in the blockchain group at Chain Partners. Yeon holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Korea University.

Sooyoung Ha LinkedIn

Software Engineer / Co-founder

Sooyoung is a system developer and co-founder of DE-LIGHT. Before co-founding DE-LIGHT, Sooyoung worked as a system software engineer for ten years and was a senior engineer at Chain Partners and worked on protocol development for enterprises and government, including the POLARIS project. Sooyoung holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Information Systems from Ajou University.

Dongwoo Ha LinkedIn

Product Manager / Co-founder

Dongwoo started his career at Korea Telecom, South Korea’s largest telecommunications company, as a business development manager. He has worked at several blockchain startups since 2018 including Chain Partners and Medium. His core interests are in developing real world use cases and blockchain platforms for enterprises. Dongwoo holds a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Handong Global University.

Jackson Ra LinkedIn

Advisor, Business Development

Jackson leads the advisory team at Chain Partners. Prior to his current position, he worked as a startup entrepreneur and was an accelerator graduate in Seoul and San Francisco. He is a founding member of the Seoul Tech Society, one of the largest communities for tech professionals in Korea. He studied economics and political science in Washington, DC, with a B.A. from American University.

Eric Choi LinkedIn

Software Engineer

Eric is a senior engineer and partner of DE-LIGHT. While joining DE-LIGHT, Eric works at S-Core as a software architect on virtualization, web back-end system, and network applications. Eric holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.